Sunday, February 12, 2012

Owen 6 Months

Little Owen has about 10 different nick names -
Little O
Osie Bagosie
Owen Bowen
Rosie (from his dad - Osie to Rosie)
O dawg
Osie Shmosie
ok 9 names that I can think of at the moment.
He still smiles and laughs all the time. Loves to eat his baby food. He also wants any food that you have. In particular drinks. He will grab a drink out of you hands so fast and he actually does pretty well drinking out of it. I've had to get use to his fast hands. He grabs at everything. We've had some close calls but he's so fast when I was walking by a basket and he pulled the whole thing off the counter. It was at a party and it was full of donut holes. He's sitting up and rolling but doesn't really care for it. Daddy is his favorite person. He reached out to Nate for the first time and to me shortly after. Just looking at Nahlia gets him all worked up. He'll start laughing and wiggling and climbing all over you if she looks at him. We took him to the indoor pool and he loves the water. We may have two fishies on our hands. He also loves the bath.