Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pool Day

We were happy to have my parents get to stay a couple days extra. In the past we just get to see them passing through but this time they have time for a trip to the pool. We went to a great community pool that has water slides. We have to sneak Nahlia on them because she's about 1" to short. She manages to go down a few time before a life guard that actually cares checks her height. It was Owens first time in the water and I was happy to get his little swim trunks out. So stink'n cute. I know I'm crazy taking a three week old to the pool but gets what he lived. 

Little Jadie is the cutest thing.

My Mermaid Nahlia.

So Fun


erin said...

thanks for being considerate of my position and cropping out my bottom half when taking the picture. (i am not being sarcastic)

C+L Urrutia said...

Carly, you look so cute in your hat! love. Owen has gotten so big since then.