Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Yeeeaaayy for DADs

You guessed it we went out to dinner for Father's Day. He also shot some guns with friends from out of town. The place they went is set up like a golf course, sounds pretty cool.  

You know your a good dad when you can sing all the songs in Tangled. Oh and Cinderella. Oh and just happen to return the empty case of your favorite movie.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mt. Charleston

What a great trip to get out of the heat. It was in the 100s at home but up there is was in the 70s. So nice. We took a little hike off the side of the road to a waterfall. I didn't think the whole thing would be up hill but it was and I just kept thinking its ok because it will be down hill the whole way back thats good. That rule doesn't apply any more when your huge. By the end of the day my entire lower half was aching.
Nahlia attempting to put my socks on my pre hike swollen feet. PS my shoes didn't fit either.

Beautiful scenery.

Nahlia was so excited when we came across snow (in June, in Las Vegas). She would have been happy if the hike stopped there.

Crossing the little river. The first time we crossed it Nathan and I were trying so hard not to get to wet and carry Nahlia over. Little did we know that our efforts were extremely pointless because around the corner from that you could only climb up in the water.

Please try to ignore how large I look. I wish the lady taking the picture would have told me not to stand like that.

We really liked finding something new to do in the summer. Except we probably wont be going again when I'm prego or have an easily distracted 3 year old. We stopped to look at every ant Nahlia found. There were a lot. One of them was dead and the other ants were carrying it. Of course Nahlia needs to know why its dead so I told her that it probably just got old and died. Wrong answer. On the way home she cried because she didn't want me to get old and die. ( It felt good that she was so devastated that I could die but at the same time you don't want her to be thinking about that) I told her I would get old for a very long time, that she could never get rid of me and that she didn't have to be sad when I did die because I'd be with Heaven Father and Jesus. She then made me promise to try and not get old.