Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun With Mommy's Camera

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

First Easter as a family. Nahlia and I have had the last two Easters in Cali so this is the first time we were together on Easter morning. I was really excited about Easter this year probably because we'd be together.
Hopefully we started a new tradition. The church magazine had the week before Christ's Resurrection by day with a picture and scripture references so we read those together everyday. I'll just have remember to to it next year.  
 I had to buy stuff for the Easter baskets and it was kind of hard. The day before the ward had an Easter egg hunt at the park and that was our main festivity. Nathan took off two hours so he could stay at church with us the whole time but still worked later on so I didn't have to make a nice dinner. Nahlia loves her holidays. She keeps asking if are going to have Easter again and wants to make valentines all the time.

Easter Morning.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Anniversary to us! 5 years its a small milestone. Thinking about everything that's happened and everyone that's crossed our little families path just in 5 years makes me excited for whats still to come (especially buying a house!!!!).

Side story. Whenever Nahlia sees wedding pictures she'll start crying because she wanted to be there and asks if she can go to the next one.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bug Love

We'll call this phase in life Bug Love.
She is always looking for "nice" bugs. The lady bug is the bug of choice. One day she said she was going to look for a lady bug, the chances of finding on is slim because there is dirt all around our apartment. About 5 minutes later to my surprise she found one.

The more common bug is this little yellow and black one. She is always bring them into the house and of course she looses them in the carpet and die. She get very distort about it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Game Night

After all the wedding festivities we headed north to see Nate's family. My camera battery died so I don't have any pictures but I still want to remember our funny game nights. We stayed at Tanya's the first night, Paul and Linzy were there. Nathan has been obsessed with Hearts lately so I suggested we play. Johnny played with me and was doing really well, he just kept asking the same questions over and over "whats a spade?" Anyways Nathan tried to "shoot the moon" (another term new to Nathan) pretty much every time so it was pretty easy to win. We somehow started to play what pretty much was a drinking game without the alcohol and with kids. We held a card up to our forehead and tried to guess what it was. It was silly but fun and the kids played with us.
The next night we were at Lorna's and I wanted to play another game, Lorna picked pictionary. So how I was able to get everyone involved except for Nate. He was the only one asking question when we started playing. It was the funniest game of pictionary I've ever played. Nathan, Linzy and I were one team and Lorna, Paul, and Jason where on the other. Well it just happened that the three people that made ridiculously easy thing to draw on the same team. Every time someone from our team would draw it took 3 seconds. Some of the pictures where hair, lighting, shoes, ice cream, bridge, birthday cake and more like that. Another highlight was Paul's drawings. He was getting so mad at us for laughing at his drawings. Such a fun night.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Linzy's Baby Shower

The day after the wedding was a baby shower for Linzy. Erin and I planned it and Linzy's sisters Charity, Haley, and Sara help. So glad they were there because I spent most of the prep time driving around lost. I only have a few pics because my camera died and I didn't have the charger which ended up being a double bummer because I wasn't able to take pics the whole time we were with Nates family.
The theme was pinwheels and pearls so I made a ton a pinwheels. Nahlia had been helping me make them and I'd have to tell her these are for Linzy's baby shower. Day off she was in charge of placing them around the room. She would put them all out, I'd say wow they look great then she would change them. That happened about 3 times. She was very upset they just weren't they way she wanted them so I calmed her down by letting her put them in the cupcakes. It was kind of funny but like I had created a monster at the same time. But cupcakes seem to help her relax.
Mom to be.
One of the games was drinking juice out of bottles and sipper cups.
Linzy's wearing her mom to be pinwheel and pearl necklace.
if u have pics send them to me please

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angela and Kyle's Wedding

Utah in April. Snowed the whole time. Crazy cold.
These are in random order again.
Nahlia, Mimi, and sweet cousin Morgan. I'm so thankful for my wonderful cousins that are so sweet to Nahlia. Nahlia followed Morgan around the whole time.
At the luncheon.
My beautiful cousins Aubry and Mackenzie.
Me about 5 months prego. My tummy is much bigger now.
All the Ladies prepping for the luncheon.

Groom and Best Man
Waiting for the couple the come out.

Just Married
Leaving the reception.

At the temple in the wind.
Love that girl

GG and Gbaby

Precious Jadie