Monday, October 17, 2011

Laura's Homecoming

Sooo excited for Laura to come home. I missed her more than anything before. I was hard not taking to her. She went from living in my house to only emails once a week. So stinky. Nahlia was 1 and half when she left and she hasn't met Owen so I'm very excited for her to see how my family has grown. It was a little scary to be on the plane with two kids by myself for the first time but they did so wonderful. Nathan was able to wait with us at the gate and then they both slept most of the flight. It was wonderful. We got in the night before she came home so we could be there for when she got off the plane. She fly into the Santa Rosa airport which was really cool because you can be outside next to the runway. It was so exciting to be there. No pics hopefully I'll get some.
Nahlia's Santa Rosa activity is ice skating. She's getting much better at it. She needs a helmet because I just get so nervous when she's going fast.
Owen's just a month old. So little. 

I don't know what was going on with her hair that day but she looks sooo cute.

Cuddle with PaPa time.

Austin and Morgan so cute. Love our cousins so so so much. There's nothing like cousins. We headed for Sacramento on Friday to do a temple session and to see Austin and Beau play football. 
Nahlia loves Morgan so much.

On our way home we stopped at the beach. It was a little cold but that doesn't stop Nahlia from getting wet. I had to literally drag her away covered head to toe in sand.
So happy to have you home Auntie.

Love this picture. The beach is her heaven.

Not a very good picture but I don't have very many pics with both my kids and I together. Love them.

Delayed flight.
When the flight finally started boarding both kids decided to poop. What great timing.

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