Monday, September 12, 2011

Owen 1 month

 A month goes by so fast. In the first week of breastfeeding I didn't think I could make it to a month but we DID!!! Owen is doing great a healthy and happy (most of the time) little man.
His height is 21 1/2 in. and weights 10.1 lbs. 
His very smiley, which is very fun, and loves to talk to you, also exciting. He'll smile at everyone but the most with his Mommy. Knowing you're your babies favorite person make you feel like a million bucks.
He follows Nathans movements around the apartment and when he hears Daddy talk he stops and listens. 
He also loves watching Nahlia and she loves smothering him.
So happy the poopy diapers have started to slow down.
Likes to be sitting up or completely down.
Love's swing. 
Dislikes tummy time.
Dislikes car seat.  
 He has pretty bad gas that interferes with his sleeping quit a bit but when he's have a good day he'll sleep, eat, lay down and play until he's tired which is like 15 minutes and we try and do a little tummy time before he gets to tired. Then he'll want to sit up and watch was going on with Dad and Sissy. Then to the swing with his paci for a nap. Night time feeding is still about 3 times but now he'll go back to sleep instead of staying up. Since I didn't nurse with Nahlia I never nursed laying down in bed and my friend told me she loves it and now I love it to. That helped him go back to sleep fast too.
 He still has gray eyes! They are pretty awesome.
As long as he doesn't have a bad tummy his personality is very happy and playful.

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Grafulas said...

Cute! I think he looks like you :)