Saturday, September 3, 2011


My little pumpkin. 3 weeks old.
Nathan gave a beautiful blessing. Owen didn't cry through it like Nahlia did but he did let out a little stinker. We couldn't hear it but Nathan came back giggling.
It was so hot here still that I had a hard time choosing his out fit. I looked all over for something a little cooler I liked and of course he has a blow out right before church. Quick wash and dry and it when right back on him. Mimi made the adorable blanket. Its so soft and cuddly. We were laughing about the difference between Nahlia's (the first) and Owen's blanket (the latest). 

Daddy and Owen's hands. 3 things: how little Owen's hand is comparatively, realizing he'll be that big one day, and that Nathan has way nicer hands than mine.
They are really soft too.
We are so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us.


Baby blessings make me so grateful for the gospel, families, and the priesthood. It really makes sense of everything. I LOVE my family.

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