Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playmates for Life

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Park Day

We all went to the park for a little day in the sun.
Owen's First Trip
It was a great day. I got to practice nursing in public a little more. Yaaya (Not).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Owen 1 month

 A month goes by so fast. In the first week of breastfeeding I didn't think I could make it to a month but we DID!!! Owen is doing great a healthy and happy (most of the time) little man.
His height is 21 1/2 in. and weights 10.1 lbs. 
His very smiley, which is very fun, and loves to talk to you, also exciting. He'll smile at everyone but the most with his Mommy. Knowing you're your babies favorite person make you feel like a million bucks.
He follows Nathans movements around the apartment and when he hears Daddy talk he stops and listens. 
He also loves watching Nahlia and she loves smothering him.
So happy the poopy diapers have started to slow down.
Likes to be sitting up or completely down.
Love's swing. 
Dislikes tummy time.
Dislikes car seat.  
 He has pretty bad gas that interferes with his sleeping quit a bit but when he's have a good day he'll sleep, eat, lay down and play until he's tired which is like 15 minutes and we try and do a little tummy time before he gets to tired. Then he'll want to sit up and watch was going on with Dad and Sissy. Then to the swing with his paci for a nap. Night time feeding is still about 3 times but now he'll go back to sleep instead of staying up. Since I didn't nurse with Nahlia I never nursed laying down in bed and my friend told me she loves it and now I love it to. That helped him go back to sleep fast too.
 He still has gray eyes! They are pretty awesome.
As long as he doesn't have a bad tummy his personality is very happy and playful.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everybody Needs a Mimi

We are so lucky and thankful my Mom was able to come out. We didn't think it would be for 4 weeks but we'll take it. She helped so much and I was able to relax and recover. If she hadn't been here Owen's debut would have been a lot different. We got to enjoy his first month's and get to know him because she was will to but her life on hold for us. I honestly don't think I've ever been more grateful for her. We are so lucky

Love you MiMi

"The only thing that makes me happier than you being my Mom
is you being my kids Grandma"

Sweet Kisses

Pool Day

We were happy to have my parents get to stay a couple days extra. In the past we just get to see them passing through but this time they have time for a trip to the pool. We went to a great community pool that has water slides. We have to sneak Nahlia on them because she's about 1" to short. She manages to go down a few time before a life guard that actually cares checks her height. It was Owens first time in the water and I was happy to get his little swim trunks out. So stink'n cute. I know I'm crazy taking a three week old to the pool but gets what he lived. 

Little Jadie is the cutest thing.

My Mermaid Nahlia.

So Fun

Saturday, September 3, 2011


My little pumpkin. 3 weeks old.
Nathan gave a beautiful blessing. Owen didn't cry through it like Nahlia did but he did let out a little stinker. We couldn't hear it but Nathan came back giggling.
It was so hot here still that I had a hard time choosing his out fit. I looked all over for something a little cooler I liked and of course he has a blow out right before church. Quick wash and dry and it when right back on him. Mimi made the adorable blanket. Its so soft and cuddly. We were laughing about the difference between Nahlia's (the first) and Owen's blanket (the latest). 

Daddy and Owen's hands. 3 things: how little Owen's hand is comparatively, realizing he'll be that big one day, and that Nathan has way nicer hands than mine.
They are really soft too.
We are so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us.


Baby blessings make me so grateful for the gospel, families, and the priesthood. It really makes sense of everything. I LOVE my family.

Urrutia's Move in Next Door

James got a job in Henderson!!! 
Not only is that awsome but they also decided to move into our apartment complex. We went from family being 6 hours away to a minute walking distance. Nahlia and Owen will have cousins close and we are so happy to have them. I hope they love it here as much and we do.
Welcome Jame, Erin, and Jadie.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brother and Sister

Nahlia is the proudest big sister. She tells everyone about her "new baby brother." Watching her be with Owen "makes my heart feel super happy" (Kailan). Of course she cann't do much with him yet but that doesn't stop her. Trying to change diapers or get him dressed. She still has to learn how to control her body around him, flying arms and legs everywhere. He can't interact but he watches her jump and dance around. I'm excited to watch them grow up together.