Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waiting for Baby

At my 38th week apt little Owen was no where in sight, which made me a little nervous because Nahlia was making a b - line to the world, so I asked the doctor if maybe he was big and suck. She decided to have do an ultra-sound to see if everything was OK. On the Monday, two weeks before i was due, we went in and the technician said everything was fine and he's normal sized. She did have a doctor that wasn't mine look at them, which meant she saw something but he waved me off so I didn't think anything about it. Wednesday was my regular apt but my doctor had to go deliver a baby so I didn't get to see her but I had dilate to almost a two and she could feel the babies head but it was still pretty high. Friday morning I wake up to a message saying the doctor reviewed my ultra sound (four days later) and wanted me to see a specialist, too much fluid. That made be freaked out a little because I was only a week away at that point and to then have something wrong I wanted to find out right away. So I didn't understand why non of the nurses I was talking to didn't feel the same way and the soonest they could see me was Wednesday. Having five days to simmer I looked up what having to much fluid could possibly do and talked to a friend that had it too and everything lead to inducing, which I really don't want to do.
So on Wednesday a friend took Nahlia to swim group for me and Nathan and I went to see the specialist. Nathan and the technician hit it off talking about the Jazz and cats. Random but true. She was much nicer than any of the other nurses we've had so that was nice. She said that Owen was over 9 lbs at first but after he moved a little she moved him down a little to 8 lbs 7 oz. She and Nathan got a kick out of me have a 9 and a half lb baby, not funny. I asked if his head was big and she said no it was normal so that made me feel better. She also showed us his large feet kicking my ribs and I think my spleen (so uncomfortable and painful to have a baby that high) But I did end up having one cm more fluid than the normal range, that and a big baby explains why my stomach is so huge and had a second growth spurt. The specialist said that because of the extra pressure blood flow can be interrupted so we did some fetal monitoring. Everything is fine though, its just making it harder to go into labor on my own and since the baby is already big they don't really want me to wait.
After that apt we picked up Nahlia and left her and Nathan at home while I went to my regular apt. I was probably going to have to pick an inducing date so I told Nathan to answer his phone when I called (he has a tendency "not to hear it" when I call). My apt always take forever even though I'm only with the doctor for 3 minutes. Average wait time is over and hour. This time I made a little more progress, almost a 3, but she still didn't sound very hopefully that I would be going into labor on my own. Which makes me sad and if I wasn't so uncomfortable or in so much pain all the time and if the baby wasn't already big, I'd probably would have waited it out a little more. I first scheduled the inducing for three day after but I've now realized I'm pretty miserable so I want to do it sooner. I really don't like have to pick a date, you think I would like have control but I don't feel like that at all, weird. So now I'm waiting to see if she'll move it up to this Friday (tomorrow!!!! woohoo).
When I called Nate, I could tell it woke him up from is afternoon nap, to ask him what he thought but he wasn't really helping me out which made me very frustrated. I hung up and called back in a more private area and he's distracted and he finally says I can't find Nahlia, Is the door locked, yes, k, she's probably sleeping in our bed go look in our bed, she's not there. I'm freaking out i can't find her, i get off the phone because he's not paying attention to me and Nahlia has done that to me before so I wasn't really worried because it doesn't take me that long to find her. He calls back I can't find her I'm freaking out, calm down she's not in the bed, i looked she's not there, is she in the closet, no I'm looking all over, you know you are not very good at finding things she just hiding look on the side of the bed, no Carly i can't find her, OK I'm coming home. mom calls what happened at the apt, Nathan can't find Nahlia
So now my house is torn apart from Nathan "searching" (he's really really bad at finding things) after I've been get things clean and organized for my mom and baby to arrive. Nahlia wakes up completely unaware of what just happened. Nathan "I though you were lost, I called the police", Nahlia "But i wasn't I was in bed." Nathan "I was screaming Nahlia as loud as I could", Nahlia "I was sleeping in bed. Mom can I have pancakes."
Nathan then goes to basketball at the recenter, is gone for about and hour and a half calls me and says "Umm I'm going to need stitches." We then spent the next 2 hours at the ER.  This was the first time I've ever been to the ER or been with someone getting stitches.
My mom's flight was delayed so she didn't get in until 12:30ish am. We all made it to bed around 2 am and now I'm up at 7 sore and blogging and waiting to see if I can have a baby tomorrow. 


Sara Ann said...

Oh. My. Word!! You poor thing! I hope they let you come tomorrow!

Aleena said...

Wow! So eventful! I'm sorry there has been so much worry and drama! Hopefully your birth went smoothly for you!

Erin said...

I'm just waiting on the big news now! I hope everything went well and you and the little man are doing great! Love you babe!