Monday, August 29, 2011

Nahlia 3.5

 Just a little something about what Nahlia has been up to, besides being a super great big sister. Basically still amazing us with her intelligence, humor, beauty, physical abilities and of course attitude. Its also fun to see her learn about the gospel and the little things she remembers and ask us about. Like "if we can go to Jesus's house" or one night I told her about the war in Heaven and she'll ask me "Who that guy that wanted Heavenly Fathers children?" Love and grateful for her Nursery leaders. Obviously she's still a handful but I love being her mom.
She started a sports class with the rec but like her ballet class she hasn't loved it as much as we hoped. The both were in the late afternoons when she's tired and sports outside in the heat and thunderstorms so not the best times but we. She got her first pair of basketball shorts that I hope she loves as much as I love mine. I had to get her new running shoes too that she takes very seriously. Whenever she has them on she runs 10xs faster, in her mind at least. 
 One of our first outings with Owen, ice cream out with Mimi. Loves sprinkles.
 She still swims like a fish. If anyone is at the pool when she's there they comment on how well she swims. She had two swim suites this summer and she completely wore them out.

Some mom's in our ward started a rotating preschool that we get to be a part of. It started a perfect time, she gets to be with friends and learning and I get two hours to do whatever with one one kid. I hope she learns to right her name or at least say them in right order. Right now she's practicing her walk down the isle to the wedding march out to the patio. We love her so much. I can't believe she'll be four in a few more months. 

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Grafulas said...

Holy Cow, she's huge! I still feel totally stupid that I didn't even know you were pregnant, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you guys are having a blast in Las Vegas too. Drop a line if you head up north :)