Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nahlia Say What . . . 2

Setting: Ward member's house hosting swim day. In front of 5 young tween boys.

Me: I'm going to go put my swim suite on.

Nahlia: Are you going to get naked.

Me: Yes but not in front of every one.

Nahlia: Can I come? I love seeing you naked. I'm not scared.

Setting: Living room. Nathan showing Nahlia his injured foot.

Nahlia: Thats because you're getting old. And that means you are going to die. But I wont be sad when you die . . . . or when mom dies . . . . . because that means you're going to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus.  


erin said...

hahahahaha to the first one

second too, but its cute too :)

the first is just plain hilarious. "im not scared" hahahaha

Sara Ann said...

I about died laughing at that first one. She is sooo funny!

Aleena said...