Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Weeks to Go

There haven't been any posts and very little talk of our little addition. But that doesn't mean we aren't extremely exited. So consider this one mega baby post.
Nahlia will be 3 and a half when we have the baby that seems like a big gap and there were lots of reasons we waited so long, (very sick first pregnancy, Nahlia giving us a run for our money, Nathan's job) but mostly it just didn't feel right yet. With Nahlia I knew that was when we were suppose to have her and I wanted that same feeling the second time. It was a little over a month after we started trying that we got prego. I know that's not long at all but it felt like forever (I think because we waited so long to start trying in the first place). Right before we went to Utah for Thanksgiving I had a dream that we were at Tanya's house and I was prego. Well I was pretty sure I should have started my period the week we were there and hadn't (I don't keep track of my periods so my suggestion is to keep track). So I really wanted to go get a pregnancy test but Nathan didn't want to. So the week after we got back I took a not so great dollar store one that my friends said worked fine. A very very faint line appeared so I wasn't completely sold. I showed Nathan and he didn't buy it either.
Another girl in the ward and I knew we where both trying and shortly after the dollar store test was the RS Christmas party. Well, not purposefully, she kind of outed me. So the ward found out before our families and with everyone knowing has made this a very long pregnancy. 

With Nahlia I was very sick for a long time. I threw up everywhere, work, stores, movies, parking lots, church. It was awful. I felt nauseous all the time and hungry but no appetite until i was about 7 or 8 months. My nose was also very sensitive so everything in my house including Nathan smelled. We also learned that I'm not a very nice pregnant lady so it was hard on us both. For some reason Nathan started heating up salsa and cheese in the microwave that was very smell, he had never do that before and has maybe done it a few times since but it drove me crazy. I gained a ton of wait, my face was huge, and I was swollen all the time. Nahlia didn't move very much and I didn't have very much pain but she never had a bad doctors visit. I'm anemic so I have to take iron pills with my prenatal but that's about it. This time around the first three months I felt nauseous but only threw up once. Feeling sick made me cranky so I quite my job sooner and I planned. Brides don't want to be around a cranky prego lady and I didn't want to be around my cranky boss. I when I really started to feel sick I asked for motion sickness pills and it was like I was born again. Why I didn't have them with Nahlia is crazy. I didn't think I could feel normal when I was pregnant. Unlike Nahlia this baby moves a lot, all the time, and I've been really sore and achy. When I hit 8 months I hit a wall and have been tired a lot. Sleepless nights because I'm so uncomfortable and therefore cranky again.

When I had the ultrasound to find out the sex Nathan and Nahlia came with me. Nahlia was so cute. She held my hand and randomly just said "I love you mommy" it was so sweet. I felt because my pregnancies were so different that it would be a boy and that ring thing said it would be a boy. Nathan actually said "That's exciting" something he's never expressed before.

You wouldn't believe how much Nahlia has matured over this time I've been pregnant. She's very excited to be a big sister and talks about the baby with everyone. I think she is a little tired of me being pregnant especially now that I'm so big and can't play like before. She said she's had a dream that she was the best big sister and that she's going to give the baby hugs and kisses at when the baby goes to sleep. She also says that she'll sleep in her room with the baby when he comes. Here's hoping.

I don't like being pregnant so the last month feels really long. Not working as also let me get the house in order so I don't have that much to do. Weight wise I thought I wouldn't  gain as much as last time because I've eaten a lot better and been way way way more active but with three week left I'm two pounds over what I was at the end of last time. I don't even fit into most of my maternity clothes anymore so I've been rotating the same 5 things. All my dress are to short and Nate's tees are feeling tight around the tummy. And just to emphasize that my tummy has reach an all new roundness I have a new patch of stretch marks. I also thought that I'd go early like I did with Nahlia but that doesn't look like its going to happen. There have been no changes or signs that labor's coming soon.

Wow not a very exciting post but we are very very excited to finally met our little man.
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Erin said...

So excited for you guys, and glad you're keeping those of us who are far away posted! Miss you babe, good luck with the little man!

erin said...

i like your baby post! i know you guys are super excited even though you dont write or say much.

glad to hear this one in general has been a lot better for you. just goes to show EVERY pregnancy and EVERY labor is different. and just b/c you dont have any "signs" of labor doesnt mean baby cant kick it into high gear and come early (or a week late hahaha). you just never know... thats whats so exciting!!!!! :D

cant wait to hear about him when he arrives and see pictures of him with his big sister. im so excited for you guys!

again, loved reading this. and love you guys too!

Grafulas said...

What?!? I didn't even know you were pregnant! This is what I get for not reading blogs more often... CONGRATULATIONS!

C+L Urrutia said...

I agree, Carly, the last month feels like the longest. But once the baby is here, pregnancy feels like it happened so fast. I can't wait to meet my new nephew. Craig and I plan on visiting with Breelyn as soon as we can.