Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Year Older and . . . .

. . . well older.
What a handsome 29 year old.
Nathan's favorite thing is eating so we went out twice for his Birthday. I also gave him some cash to gamble with, a little out of character for me but its his birthday. He lost it all in about 5 minutes, it wasn't very much but i think he's realizing he's not very good.
We made him a candy card too.  

It said, "It's your Birthday Hot Tamale!! We wanted to give you 100 Grand to go on a spending Spree but the money fell through our Butterfinger's. So instead you'll get Extra Hugs and Kisses. You are our Big Hunk and not just on PayDays. No one can Rolo or Twix step and make us Snicker like you. You complete our 3Musketeers. You are a Giant Sweetart, a total Eclips of our hearts. You keep our Milkyway in Orbit. So if you feel your bones Crunch or your Whoppers turning to Milkduds with a little more Jelly Belly know that there's still Good and Plenty of time to love you to Pieces. Love your Sugar Babies.
That's a lot of fire.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!


C+L Urrutia said...

Carly, I love your candy card to Nate. You did such a wonderful job!

Sara Ann said...

Happy late birthday! Eating out is my favorite thing too:)