Monday, February 28, 2011

Life as a 3 year old Princess

Height: 40"
Weight: 36 lbs
Clothing: size 4T or 5T
Shoe: 9

Likes: Dancing, Singing, Dressing up, wrestling with Daddy, bugs, playing computer games, princess movies and playing with her princesses and castle, nursery class, climbing on everything, sugar, cereal, mac and cheese, learning and asking a lot of questions, anything new, exploring, helping with everything,
Dislikes: sleeping in her own bed, not being in charge, being patient, being inside

Spotlights: Can do the monkey bars at the park, makes mommy laugh a lot,

Chores: matching socks, cleaning widows and mirrors, helping cook,

Music: Dynamite - Taio Cruz, Baby - Justin Bieber, Firework - Katy Perry, Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars, I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

No words for how much we love her.

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erin said...

way cute pictures!