Sunday, April 10, 2011

Linzy's Baby Shower

The day after the wedding was a baby shower for Linzy. Erin and I planned it and Linzy's sisters Charity, Haley, and Sara help. So glad they were there because I spent most of the prep time driving around lost. I only have a few pics because my camera died and I didn't have the charger which ended up being a double bummer because I wasn't able to take pics the whole time we were with Nates family.
The theme was pinwheels and pearls so I made a ton a pinwheels. Nahlia had been helping me make them and I'd have to tell her these are for Linzy's baby shower. Day off she was in charge of placing them around the room. She would put them all out, I'd say wow they look great then she would change them. That happened about 3 times. She was very upset they just weren't they way she wanted them so I calmed her down by letting her put them in the cupcakes. It was kind of funny but like I had created a monster at the same time. But cupcakes seem to help her relax.
Mom to be.
One of the games was drinking juice out of bottles and sipper cups.
Linzy's wearing her mom to be pinwheel and pearl necklace.
if u have pics send them to me please

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