Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Skating

So cute. She looked like a newborn deer learning how to walk. Being prego I didn't want to risk anything so Nathan was trying to help her. With Nathan not too comfortable on ice and the height difference it wasn't all that graceful. You could tell they were both a little scared.
A worker told us they have learning walker things so that made it much easier. There were two girls training with there couch that Nahlia would try to keep up with. But her little feet and legs didn't last very long. She gave a great effort for the first time.
I have videos but they aren't uploading right so if I can figure that out I'll post them.

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Erin said...

Wait, you're pregnant?!?! Congratulations!! How did I miss this? I haven't even read the rest of this post because I was so surprised! When are you due? Miss you so much it hurts!