Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

First Easter as a family. Nahlia and I have had the last two Easters in Cali so this is the first time we were together on Easter morning. I was really excited about Easter this year probably because we'd be together.
Hopefully we started a new tradition. The church magazine had the week before Christ's Resurrection by day with a picture and scripture references so we read those together everyday. I'll just have remember to to it next year.  
 I had to buy stuff for the Easter baskets and it was kind of hard. The day before the ward had an Easter egg hunt at the park and that was our main festivity. Nathan took off two hours so he could stay at church with us the whole time but still worked later on so I didn't have to make a nice dinner. Nahlia loves her holidays. She keeps asking if are going to have Easter again and wants to make valentines all the time.

Easter Morning.

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