Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I had Craig and Linzy take our family Christmas pic when they were here for Thanksgiving. So cute, haha. Honestly I almost retook it because I couldn't figure out if I looked orange or Nate just looked white. Craig convinced me it was Nate, haha. The day after we got back from Utah we got a Christmas tree. I was very excited. It was the first tree our Pacifica carried. I thought that was note worthy. Nate's so manly.And the decorating. Nathan decided the blue and silver ornament's where not Christmassy enough so I get to buy new ones next year.

It smelt soooooo gooood. That poor tree didn't last very long. The tree lot guys said to add some sugar to the water to help it last longer, well I must have add to much sugar because it only made it a week before it started to get dry and stiff. I turned a beautiful tree into a sad little Charlie Brown twig.
Merry Christmas

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