Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

When Nahlia woke up I don't think she realized it was Christmas morning. We asked her who comes to your house on Christmas Eve and she said the Grinch and that he takes all our stuff. We laughed and told her Santa came last night and she got all excited and ran to look out the front door to find him. Sadly she came back to our room to tell us he wasn't there. She completely missed all the presents under the tree. It took her a little while to notice them.

Her "big" present was this table and chair set. It didn't come with "girl" colors so "Santa" had to paint a pink and purple one. He did a great job. She had asked Santa to bring her Dino Dan for Christmas, a Canadian TV show that doesn't sell merchandise. So she got a dinosaur flashlight and a folder with dinosaur coloring pages and Dino Dan's picture on the front.

One of the outfits from her Princess dress up trunk.
Nathan had to work later that day (not the first time that's happened) so we just hung out and played with our new stuff.

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Sara Ann said...

That is so funny about the Grinch! She cracks me up:)