Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Anniversary to us! 5 years its a small milestone. Thinking about everything that's happened and everyone that's crossed our little families path just in 5 years makes me excited for whats still to come (especially buying a house!!!!).

Side story. Whenever Nahlia sees wedding pictures she'll start crying because she wanted to be there and asks if she can go to the next one.


erin said...

HILARIOUS about nahlia crying!!! haha so funny. happy anniversary. you guys really arent that much further ahead of us, but i always feel like you are. five is long, but seems so short in some ways. either way, here's to wishing you a happy sixth! :)

Sara Ann said...

She is so funny, I love the way her mind thinks, what a smarty pants:) I went to the San Diego temple this week and totally thought of you! :)