Monday, February 28, 2011

Life as a 3 year old Princess

Height: 40"
Weight: 36 lbs
Clothing: size 4T or 5T
Shoe: 9

Likes: Dancing, Singing, Dressing up, wrestling with Daddy, bugs, playing computer games, princess movies and playing with her princesses and castle, nursery class, climbing on everything, sugar, cereal, mac and cheese, learning and asking a lot of questions, anything new, exploring, helping with everything,
Dislikes: sleeping in her own bed, not being in charge, being patient, being inside

Spotlights: Can do the monkey bars at the park, makes mommy laugh a lot,

Chores: matching socks, cleaning widows and mirrors, helping cook,

Music: Dynamite - Taio Cruz, Baby - Justin Bieber, Firework - Katy Perry, Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars, I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

No words for how much we love her.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

3yr Old Fairy Party

So I had been planning Nahlia's birthday party since she turned 2 and the Nemo party didn't happen. Part of that is because when it was going to be a fairy party I knew I wanted to make a lot of stuff for it so I wanted to start early. We are lucky enough to have friends that would let us have it in their backyard. For some reason whenever I try to rearrange the pictures they get deleted so these are in a random order, sorry. Mimi, Papa, Uncle B and GG where able to come out and helped a lot. At this point in my pregnancy I got tried very easily so I'm so grateful they could be there.
This pic is a reminder of I though was the funniest thing that happened. Nahlia had been opening presents, she was doing really well giving thank you hugs and being patient when all of a sudden she got overwhelmed stood up grabbed all the presents she could fit in her little arms and said "Ok I'm ready lets go" and tried to leave. I had her finish opening and saying thank you and by then people where leaving and all chaos broke out. I packed all the present back up, Nahlia picked them all up, posed for this picture (she wasn't happy I stopped her), and headed to the car. Nathan followed her out, helped in to the car and they left. Pretty much all of the guest where gone so it wasn't rude or anything and I just laughed.

Thank you hugs

It had been windy at the party so we light them again at home so she could blow them out.
Family presents at the house after.

Getting her fair face make up on.
These are the greatest girls from our ward that came and did the face painting and finger nail polishing. Two of them came out as fairies and danced and played with the kids.
Reading a fairy book.
Party food
Has to have her nails painted just her way.

I had made these little mushrooms for a fair circle to sit around and wish for fairies to come and they DID!!!
After party
Thank you hug
Thank you hug
This is Kyler. They have crushes on each other.
All the mommies.
Attempting birthday candles.

Getting pixie dusted.
So when the girls came in they got a skirt, wand, wings, and crowns, oh and little flower rings and got their faces and nails painted. The boys got swords. Because the party was so girly we weren't going to have boys but Nahlia insisted that Kyler was invited. They got pirate mustaches painted on. They also didn't care at all about any of the activities and just wanted to play swords. Nahlia sometimes seemed like she only wanted a sword and didn't really want to wear her outfit.
I had picked up her cake and cupcakes the day before and she wanted them really bad and I kept telling her she had to wait until her birthday party. So when she arrived at the party she wouldn't put her out on, cried when people tried to talk to her or even just looked at her and she hide behind me. I brought her into the house and gave her a cupcake. She was an angel after.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine

Nothing says I love you like a giant teddy bear.

I was super excited about my present. Nathan got us tickets to Phantom. I've been wanting to go since we moved here. It was amazing. I was a little nervous it would be as good as I remember the on in SF was. We were not disappointed it was so good. They had amazing voices and we got burns from the fire and lighting flashes. LOVE IT.

Thanks Nathan. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Skating

So cute. She looked like a newborn deer learning how to walk. Being prego I didn't want to risk anything so Nathan was trying to help her. With Nathan not too comfortable on ice and the height difference it wasn't all that graceful. You could tell they were both a little scared.
A worker told us they have learning walker things so that made it much easier. There were two girls training with there couch that Nahlia would try to keep up with. But her little feet and legs didn't last very long. She gave a great effort for the first time.
I have videos but they aren't uploading right so if I can figure that out I'll post them.