Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan

28 Years Old. Wow.
Some people would be worried about getting gray hairs but not my sweetie he's had them since high school. Even though there may be more I like gray hair. If you ever ask Nathan what he wants for a present any present - Christmas, birthday, anniversary, fathers day - he'll always say nothing. This time I knew what he wanted but he wasn't going to get it, a big flat screen tv. Its not that I don't want him to have one its just not right for us right now. One day baby you'll get it. So we usually got out to eat. He loves food. He got to choose any buffet he wanted friday night and bought a shirt from TJMaxx that he wore everyday for about a week. Then on monday we had cake and went to Iron Man II. (I love Iron Man).
Just as a note Nahlia didn't get her own cake to blow out one had a 2 and the other had an 8 because Nathan said he didn't like layered cake. We taught Nahlia the Happy Birthday song and she probably sang it 28 times just while eating cake. I was very cute. Nahlia had blown herself off her chair. Daddy was there to catch her.

We love you daddy and hope you have lots and lots more birthdays.


Nahlia started gymnastics!!! She loves it. The first day I was exhausted from chasing her around and having to help her be patient. They get to do a lot of things, bars, beams, tramps, the foam pit, and tumbling. Her favorite is the tramp, we sing the ABC's while they all jump. She also does very well jumping over things on the low beam. She actually does every pretty well, its the focus and slowing down enough to do them.
She also went to her first non family birthday party, it was Nathan's trainer's daughter and was at Build A Bear. I didn't get to go but She brought how a bunny that is completely Nahlia. Nathan said the helper tried to get her to pick a different one but she had to have that one. Its has pink, yellow, green, and blue flowers all over it.

4 Years

Happy Anniversary Baby ! ! ! This day feels like so long ago.
To celebrate we went to The Melting Pot. It is a great place and now we have a new favorite place. I totally burnt my lip on a skewer, luckily it didn't leave a mark.
Thanks for saving me the pineapples in your sweet and sour! Love you.

Families are Forever - Linzy and Craig

All and all it was a wonderful wedding. When it was all over my mom and I couldn't believe how flawless everything went, shocked really. I can't say everything was perfect you'd have to ask Linzy but from my view point it went sooooo well. I think it was because I prayed every night that it would go ok and that I won't forget or screw anything up. All of the pics are from my Auntie Jody's facebook page and Jenna Cooper's (the photographer) blog, she did such a great job. Linzy looked beautiful and Craig was so happy. The only time they weren't smiling was when they were kissing or had their foreheads together. We did have a bit of a rain scare but nothing came of it and there was no traffic or lost drivers.

This picture is when they first came out of the temple as husband and wife.

This is our family picture and tells a lot about how things work in our house. Nahlia wouldn't stand up for the picture so we knelt down. Hahaha
I made her dress and was so happy with it. The whole time I was making it I was terrified I'll spent all this time and money and would end up hating it but she looked so cute in it. A classic Nahlia moment was when everyone saw her for the first time in it and they were all (aunts, cousins, GG) taking pictures and saying how pretty she looked and Nahlia starts to spin and everyone goes Awwww!!! in unison. I was laughing so hard. Nahlia LOVED it. I had a feeling the dress wouldn't make it through the day, Nahlia is very active. It didn't even make it through being at the temple. The ribbon at the bottom was coming off and when she was walking up the stairs she stepped on it and put a huge hole in the tulle. It didn't even make it back to Vegas because it was unrepairable. Kyle and Julie AnneThe Girls
Erin, Julie, Me, my Mom, Jeanna, Jody, Jamie
G Baby and GG


Nahlia and I spent Easter in Cali because it was the weekend before the wedding. It was sad Nathan wasn't there because we were in Cali for Easter last year too but both times he would have had to work. So I took a break from wedding planning and in between my parents working we went to my Aunt Aprils house to have an Easter egg hunt with Aleen and her kids Lea, Jonah, and Micah.Keeping the eggs warm.Pre Easter egg hunt bounceHuntingEnjoyingThey were so cute sharing and trading and having fun together. This was eater morning. She got a play dough set. I finally gave in. I don't know why but I just pictured disastrous things but it's been a really great indoor activity. She likes to play with daddy more than mommy but that's ok with me. She also got a really cute back pack that says I Love Dance and this flower petal head band that quickly became a lion's mane from MiMi.
She really liked the peeps That weekend was also General Conference. It was hard to watch with Nahlia and when I was watching it, it was hard to pay attention or at least enough to really concentrate on what the spirit wanted to tell me, so I've been reading it all (and not just the ones that look interesting or by my "favorite" speakers.) I'm so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge I've had since I was a child. The beautiful simplicity of it humbles me and reminds me to not complicate it because of temporary earthly thing.
Later that week it was Travis Taylor's surprise birthday party. It was Nahlia's first experience with a pinata (note worthy I think). She didn't really get it. She did hit it but when candy came out she could care less. Kyle and I were like "GET IT GET IT" and she'd just stand there so Uncle Kyle got some for her but she still wasn't that interested. She did how ever like the hat and was the last child to wear the hat while hitting the pinata.

Kyle was asked me to go with him so he didn't have to go alone and so then I debated about bringing Nahlia because I didn't know if it was a kid party or not, so we left her with grandpa. Then we get there and its only Travis' close married friends (so kyle would have been totally out of place had he gone alone) and their 15 kids that were playing on a tramp, swing set, and many other various cool toys so we went back and got Nahlia. We thought it was pretty hilarious.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Ok so a lots happened in the last month (going to Cali, Easter, and Craig's wedding) and I'll get to it all eventually. I don't have any pictures so I'm waiting until I get some. Before we left though we played a little. We went to the lake again and to the valley of fire with Mark and Bonnie and their kids. We did all the normal stuff at the lake, picnic swimming, finding the fish, walking the pier. I was very clear, sunny and windy. This picture was me trying to be more creative with my angels but Nahlia wasn't happy with the sun in her eyes "Sun in the eyes, Sun in the eyes"

Cute on of Nathan and Nahlia

Nahlia getting mad that the wind was blowing her hair so much. Its long enough now that I have to do something with it or it starts to bug her.

Valley of Fire is another cool place for hiking for all levels. Its really great because there is so much to look at and explore for the kids (and dads).Nathan calls Mark SharkO so when he'd say it I think Nahlia thought it was really a shark so at first she was a little surprised that it was just a person but then she was stocking Mark or SharkO the entire time. As soon as he'd but Josie down she wanted him to hold her, SharkO was the only person to help her, "Come on SharkO, SharkO come on". It was very funny.Nahlia looks sad here but she really liked it and didn't want to get out.Another hole to look out of.Mark trying to show me how to take cool pictures with the red rock but Nahlia didn't want to participate. He took about 5 and she didn't look normal in any of them. In other update news my cousin Hiram is engaged and getting married in August so we look forward to that. Nathan Birthday is on Monday so I'm trying to think of what to get him. He really wants a big flat screen tv but since we don't have cable and a perfectly good tv I don't think its the right time. We are also anticipating a Nelson family reunion in mid June. We haven't seen Nate's family in a couple months now so we're really excited for the trip.