Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visitor's from Idaho

It wasn't the first time they've been to our house but it was the first time they stayed for a while. Craig and Linzy got to stay for 5 days on their Thanksgiving break. They actually like shopping so I got to go shopping a lot and we did a little strip tour.

Nahlia asked for a picture with "those things."

They kiss all the time and everywhere. Newlyweds.

They took our family Christmas picture for us. We tried to take some family pics too but I had no energy for it so this is the only good one we got. Well that I think is cute.

Nahlia made everyone cuddle. Nate was super excited about it.

We love you guys. Thanks for coming.

1 comment:

Sara Ann said...

What are "those things" anyway? I love the cuddle picture, haha:)