Friday, November 5, 2010


So we made it almost 3 yrs before ever cutting Nahlia's hair, not even a trim. You can only imagine how badly she needed one, especially after all her swimming this summer. I splurged a little and took her to one of those kid places where she sits in a cute little car chair and watches a movie of her choice. I told her to just trim the dead super blond stuff off so it pretty much looked the same. Nahlia love the little bow she got, its for babies but since it was her first they gave her one.

I didn't want to possibly mess up her first hair cut so I didn't want to do it myself but there was still a lot of dead ends, so after a couple of days I cut it again. Nahlia wanted some input about her hair so she decided to cut a little in front off. It was just short enough to fall out if I did anything to it. So at the encouragement of my mother and sister in law she now has bangs. Thick, a little short, and crooked bangs. She only sat still long enough for one cut. Nathan doesn't like (prefer) bangs so I was really nervous about the hack job I did but they have grown on me. And really Nahlia is pretty much adorable no matter what. I don't have a great pic of them yet. This is when we visited Jadie.

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Sara Ann said...

Don't worry, I think her bang turned out darling! I cut Sydney's bangs the other day and they are totally crooked, haha, thats what they get for being our children:)