Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Details

Linzy was nice enough to let me pretend to be a wedding planner for her. I loved every minute of it. Luckily the day of when off without any mess ups, thanks to everyone that helped. Anytime something almost went wrong it was fixed before I could finish my sentence. These are some pics of the day.


We bought the flowers from a distributor and I put them together the night before around 11ish got to bed around 1 (we thought that was pretty good by the way). After a full day of decorating and craziness with no caffeine it was actually really hard to keep my eyes open. So the next day I was pleasantly surprised they looked so good, which is really bad to say because I don't like the fact that I wasn't sure about them the night before.


I had Linzy show me a pic of an announcement she like from a magazine. These don't really look the same but the "look" is the same.


We had two different center pieces. Linzy said she wanted a "spring romance" feel so grass and flowers and trees is what what we settled with. So I went out to Cali two weeks early to grow grass. A LOT of grass. 25 trays full. Of course the first week was cold and rainy and it wasn't looking good but as soon as the sun came out they grew really fast. The birds and something larger (a squirrel probably, it was never actually seen but left big wholes) really enjoyed nibbling. Until the grass took off I was running out side to shew birds away every 10 mins. Purple stock was put in tubes with stakes and put in the grass. So the roots didn't show we wrapped them with ribbon. Linzy made some wire picture holders with blue and purple beads. Pretty easy and looked great. The other centerpiece was a branch cover in bunches of carnation made to look like spring blossoms. I called them trees. We put the favors on the place settings. It helped add some color. I folded all of them a little over 200 and my dad made cookies to fill them. He also built the white frames for the tree bases.


We draped the hole gym in lights and plastic table cover. It never would have happened without Calvin Wilks. He just told us what to do and we did it. I did cause a hang up when he said use wire and I only had fishing wire. After being up all night I went and got wire. It wouldn't have taken half the time had I just got the wire in the first place.
The other time consuming project was the 30 plus lanterns we hung in the middle. There was fishing wire everywhere.A cute detail was the Mr and Mrs and I Do letters on the head and cake table. Food and Cake We had fruits and vegies - Linzy favorite, roast beef sandwiches - Craigs favorite, pasta salad, and dipped pretzels. We had someone from the ward be in charge of the food and she displayed it really nice. The woman who made their cake is the same person that make the cake for James and Erin's wedding. Its the best cake ever. Its actually so good that its better then cake cake. Nahlia Of course I have to do a section on Nahlia. I actually made her dress and never got a really good pic of it but she also did not want to cooperate that day. Pay close attention to her in these two pics. By the time we left the temple she had ripped the ribbon off the bottom and put a whole in the skirt. I was just glad I didn't pay that much for it. She danced the night away and kept stealing the bridal parties flowers. While Craig and Linzy were dancing she was spinning in circles around them. It was like a side act.

Cleaning lasted about 15 minutes. It seemed like everyone helped. It was the fasted clean up I'd ever seen. Thanks everyone.

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Grafulas said...

very impressive wedding planner skills :) Nahlia's adorable, makes me miss you guys!