Thursday, October 7, 2010

She Did It!!!!

She Did it!, She Did it!, Yeah!
(you would get that if you have to watch Dora)

Nahlia is now potty trained. So we didn't make the 2 years old mark but before 3 and not two kids in diapers. Potty training is sooooo much fun - not really, but so great when its over. It is definitely entertaining, you get little treasures like, "Daddy I have something for you! Its POOP!! Come See My POOP!!!"
So I decided I could spoil her a little because we hardly ever buy "expensive" toys (other then dollar store toys) and her Bday was a while ago and she needed new books for older ages and I wanted to replace some broken toys, it was far enough a way from Christmas. It turned out well because we would always say she had to "earn" the next prize and I think it was a good way to teacher that principle. So I made a game board and every 5 squares was a reward square. The prizes got better as she went a long. The first time she didn't take it serious I took all the prizes away and did it all dramatic in front of her to make a point. Then the next time she went on the toilet she asked to play the game. After that it went great.

This is the game board I made and the Belle toddler doll is what the grand prize was. Her Cinderella dress wasn't part of potty training but is for our FIRST TRIP TO DISNEY LAND!!!!! Nahlia has been asking for a Cinderella "Blue Dress" and when I gave it to her she was very excited and said "Oh that's cute" and when it was on her said "That's really cute on me". She also loves the choker (not pictured) that came with it but she doesn't know what it was so she has to ask me "Mom whats that thing called I need it." Very Very Excited. Also we've learned a lot about Princesses.

Princesses like pizza

Princess stinker and like to tell you about it

Princesses like dancing

Princesses live in castles

Princesses like cold water and cold drinks

Princesses don't get mad

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erin said...

oh my gosh look at that cheese face! can't wait to see her and hear all her talking!