Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nahlia Say What!?!

So earlier in the day Nahlia was at the pool and she can do flips in the water now and yes I think thats crazy she's 2 and can do flips and dive really deep, aways when she woke up from her nap she was complaining about her hear hurting but it was coming and going and wasn't that bad so I was just keeping an eye out for it. She has never had an ear ache before so I was like finally she has an ear ache. So Nathan starts looking up places we can take her because it was really late by then and he found something about maybe water being in her ear. So on the way to the doctor we think the pressure popped because she completely stopped crying and when to bed fine. In the early morning she woke up to go to the bathroom. While laying back in bed i hear he say "Dear Heavenly Father please bless the doctor to make my ear feel better in the name of Jesus Christ amen." My heart melted. She woke up again in the early morning and metioned her ear hurting but no crying so I woke up Nate to give her a blessing. Two nights later I'm putting her to bed she asks " whats that called that daddy made my ear better?" My goodness she's special. Me "A Blessing", Nahlia "A Blessing". Then we talked about how blessing work and having faith and believeing in Jesus and the preisthood. Now when she talks about her hurt ear she always mentions the blessing daddy gave her.

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erin said...

awwww what a special moment! i'm glad you documented this. you should make some keepsake (something small and simple) that you can hang on her wall or something, like the first time she expressed that she felt the power of the priesthood. that's too sweet.