Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jadie's Blessing

Following Disney Land my parents pick Nahlia and I up on their way to Utah for Jadie's blessing. Nathan had to work and it was to bad because he loves Utah air and this trip was pretty mellow. Like we actually got to hang out at the hotel and relax and we went to an all you can eat pizza buffet.

After we went bowling. The Giants were playing in the playoffs so James and Jadie were decked out. Go Giants. I'm trying to turn Nathan from a Braves fan and we just happened to bet them in the first round.
It would have been the first time Nahlia went bowling and could have bowled but she slept through the whole thing, music blaring and people cheering. Bowling alleys are loud.Sunday was the blessing at 8:30 am, crazy. It was really nice though James did a good job.

Nahlia helping carry Jadie to the car. Erin being patient.

Eva and Nahlia just being silly.
October Birthday's
We were the only one's that got to stay a little long so we had extra cuddle time with Jadie.

Cousins hanging out for the first time.

I'm not use to holding calm and mellow babies. I feel like I have to entertain them the whole time. So Jadie would get irritated by me playing with her so much. She was happier chill'n on her play mat. That is completely foreign to me.

I made her a crinkly ribbon blanket, isn't she so pretty.

Nahlia found the dress she wore for her one year old birthday. It hit the floor then.
Look at that face, those eye's, that mouth, those cheeks, that skin. What a cutie.

First Urrutia cousin picture.

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Sara Ann said...

Cute baby! It looks like it was a fun trip:)