Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

So you already know Nathan loves going to the Base Pro Shop to look at all the dead animals and the fish tank. This trip was all about Halloween. They had a trick or treat for the kids along with some activities and a scene for a nice photo opt. We went to their Christmas stuff last year and it was pretty fun but sad to say going for Halloween wasn't really worth it. Since Nahlia was dressed up as a Mermaid that night it was still fun to go over the the Mermaid Lounge and the casino connected to Base Pro Shop so see the Mermaid in the huge fish tank. But she wasn't there. Sad again.
Nahlia did get a balloon which is always the best part for her.

They have some nice Mermaid art around the tank so that was nice costume related atmosphere.We had a fun day with the kids from our play group at a mini festival. Nahlia was thrilled at the to spinney rides. Rides are always fun. And big blow up toys.

This are the cute kids of the wards playgroup, minus a few. We love our play group, great kids, great moms, fun time every time. Thanks ward. I love kids because even if the wagon ride is lame they still love it.

Wild group shot.
This is baby Sydney. She lives in our apt complex and she and her mom give us ride to playgroup when its too hot to walk or to cold soon. We love them. We'll be very sad when they move out. Its nice being in a ward long enough to watch the babies grow up.
Pumpkin carving.
My little pumpkins.
Nathan did the spider (not really he just asked me to give him credit for it). Note for next year the pumpkins wont make it if carved four days in advance.
Ward trick or treat.
We made chili for the party that is now going to a regular dinner. Nathan liked it so much, thanks Dad. A the car deco. I love a good trunk or treat and this was a good one.
Madelyn and NahliaSara and SydneyErinNahlia loves a good cake walk. She kept going back.
This is was the third cake walk prize.


erin said...

love the update. looks like you found her skinny jeans. :)

Sara Ann said...

Oh we love you guys too! Don't worry we will still hang out even after we move:( I forgot to try your chili, darn! I only ate hot dogs that night, yum:)

Aleena said...

Happy Halloween! Thanks for sharing your pictures and fun times.

taryn said...

Oh my gosh, Nahlia is gorgeous! I lost your blog for a long time, but I just saw it on Erin's so I popped over. I seriously can't believe how big she is. Ah-dorable!