Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finished Projects

It feels so good when you plan something and finally get it done. It doesn't happen that often well within the same year. I think I inherited a easy to start hard to finish gene, so I tell myself I can't start another project until I finish that last one. The excitement of starting a new projects give me energy to finish the old one.
These are paintings that I started pretty close to when we moved here but only got the blue and purple one done. The green one just got finished and now I can blog about it.
So Nahlia can barely sit still for more than a minute and this can be a problem during Sacrament meeting. Growing up we had a quiet book and I wanted make Nahlia one. There are more pages I'd like to make and I want to put rings on to hold it together but we use it as it is so its fine for now.
This page is for braiding her hair but since Nahlia can't do that yet I made some hair accessories and earrings to change. Yes I made it to look like her. When we have a boy I think I'll make a boy with changeable hats or ties or something.

On the left page the spider moves up and down, the lady bug's spots are snaps, and the caterpillars body is Velcro. The right page is shapes that are Velcro to take on and off.
These are classic pages, flower buttons and a barn with animals inside.

A little town for a car to drive threw.

This is probably Nahlia's favorite page. I'll make more outfits but right now there is a ballet leotard and slippers, princess dress and crown, casual Capri's and T, soccer uniform, Sunday dress, and a wedding dress and veil.

Numbers and Buckles

Classic mail box with a love note from mom and the cover has pockets on the inside for stickers and coloring books.
Other Sunday related crafts are the crayon roll and the look and find game. Sunday's go a lot better now.
My mom gave us a dresser that they got originally for James when he was little. I just painted and added flower nobs.
I made a leaf garland out of some leaves that where in the Dollar spot at Target. I've decided I'm making garland for all occassions because it so easy. When Nahlia saw it she said "Mom thats so beautiful." It make you feel so good inside. It will most likely be are only fall decor unless I make a wreath out of felt balls but it's going to cost a bit so I'm waiting but its so cute.
Crafts for around the house.
I need one of these so bad. I also made a swiffer mop reusable pad.


erin said...

i LOVE Your paintings. it inspires me to finally x out my old ones and do new ones. ive hated the originals ive done since the time i put them up on the wall..... i just dont know what to do instead. also....... umm why did you not make jadie one of those sunday books? RUDE! not really, but i am jealous. its stinkin cute.

Katie said...

So cute Carly! I love your quiet book. How long did it take you to make it. It has lots of cute little pieces that seem like it would have taken forever. I'm sure Nahlia loves it.