Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our first trip to Disneyland was everything it should be.
I'm in love with Disneyland and really wanted Nahlia to fall in love with it too so the first trip in my mind (obviously Nahlia will remember very little of it) was a huge deal. So I was so happy that we had such a great day and that we decided to go in the first place. Nahlia had a great time. She very few requirements for the day, get a balloon, see Buzz Light year and Cinderella. Nathan did such a great job doing all the little princess things, like the only dad in line to see the princesses. I was extra proud of him because he isn't much for waiting in lines, taking pictures, crowds, walking around for very long, or getting up early so doing all of those things in one day with out one word of complaint until even Nahlia was to tired to stay awake was everything I could ask for.
We knew Nahlia would love seeing a castle she had already told us that princesses live in castles and she's always on the look out for them.
Before the Tea Cups
After the Tea Cups
She didn't want to get off. This was the only brake down the whole day and it was a small one so that was awesome. She just loves spinning. Daddy however only made it through the first minute and needed to get off. Through out the day he kept saying he was still feeling sick from the Tea Cups, so Dad isn't allowed to go one the Tea Cups anymore.
Waiting in line at the Matterhorn. The Abominable Snowman scared her a lot and she came off crying. She was scared on a lot of rides.Not into meeting Mickey but it went better than meeting goofy. I couldn't even get a pic of that. Nathan had to take way far a way because she wouldn't get close.One of the reasons we decided to go was because Johnny and Dillon and Charlie were going to be there. The day we went was their third and last day so they weren't at the park for every long but Nahlia was more thrilled to see them than anything else. Her face lights up with joy. Johnny couldn't stop picking her up. We went on the Buzz Light year ride together, such a fun ride we really liked it especially with the boys.
Hugging in line.More hugging in line.More hugging in lineNahlia makes them walk with her like this. Its so cute.I love all the silly faces and pictures they take. This is on the Juggle Cruise ride, more silly pictures.Nahlia was actually scared on this ride. She would cover her face and hide it in Nate chest. The tour guide didn't help though, it was mostly because of the inflections in his voices.
How about the twinner facial expressions. Fairies
Meeting the fairies was fun. This is Aridessa.
Tinkerbell and Vidia.
The girl being Vidia was so good, we loved her. In case you haven't watched the Tinkerbell movies Vidia is the "mean" fairy (she really not that mean) and Nahlia gave her a hug and not Tinkerbell. When she didn't it Tinkerbell said "Finally someone that wants to give Vidia a hug." It made us laugh (I guess you had to be there).
Am so glad we went at this age because Nahlia was just so mesmerized by them. I do have to say that the Princesses are just the sweetest girls and where so wonderful to Nahlia. I think it is just as exciting for the parents to watch their little girls meeting them as it is for them and the way the Princesses treat them is a big part of that. Nahlia would run up to them and give them a hug and the Princess would hold her hands and talk to her. When she was close to them Nahlia wouldn't look in their faces and I think it was because she was so overwhelmed that they were there talking to her. So precious.
Oh my goodness the moment we came all that way for. In love with Cinderella. Cinderella suggested they do matching posses because Nahlia was so excited they had matching chokers. I got Nahlia the dress specifically for Disneyland and she'd ask me all the time "What's it called" referring to the choker. So when she went running over to Cinderella saying "I have a choker like you." It was just too much. After meeting Cinderella we went on one more ride and walked through Sleeping Beauty's Castle and then made it to the parade. By this time Daddy and Nahlia were getting tired but instead of sleeping Nahlia decides to go run and dance around in circles out in the middle of the street that is lined with people waiting for the parade to start. The parade was more like a dance party which made Nahlia happy because she got to go out and dance. The dancers had been standing on these cylinder things and that was what Nahlia headed for but one of the dancers got her off before she made it all the way on.
Shortly after the parade she fell asleep in line for a ride and we decided to head for the shops and call it a night. We found a perfect first visit to Disneyland keepsake. A Cinderella jewelry box that plays So This is Love (Cinderella's song) and has a spinning Cinderella inside.
The next morning the first thing she did was put her dress back on. We told her that Cinderella gave us a present to give to her.

The necklace is a present from Grandma Lorna, its an N with a Mickey Mouse charm. It was inside the jewelry box.We stayed at my cousin Jacey's house. It was so good to see them even though the older kids had school. They are always so great to Nahlia.
Jonas and Nahlia playing. He made Nahlia a princess castle, so sweet.

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So so cute! Your Disneyland shirt looks good:) I love Disneyland and I can't wait to take Syd.