Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pre-Wedding Festivities

So we all filled James and Erin's condo in Orem for the weekend. Nahlia loves her Uncles. She also walked around the mall hand cuffed to Craig. There was a family party on the eve of the wedding that was really fun. We all did talents. I don't think her family knew who they would be partying with. One think I love about the Thompson pre wedding party is that you get to know the couple, together and as individuals, and the families really well. It was so wonderful and will be an awesome memory for them. Aren't they cute. Craig and LinzyKyle and his girlfriend Angela. She helped us with our dance moves.Saturday we had our Urrutia cousins come over for some lunch. Tyler and his girlfriend Bailey.

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erin said...

looking at these pictures of all you guys in my house makes me mad. not mad in a bad way, but in a way that i havent been home for 4 months and i just miss it. i cant wait to get back to my home with just my husband and new baby. just us three will be AWESOME.