Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oceanside Trip

The long awaited trip to the beach finally came. Nathan and I had to work so we didn't get to come out until Tuesdays night but Nahlia went ahead with Mimi and Papa. It was so nice to get out of the heat but then I was to cold to get in the water. We did have two nice days but the last day was cloudy all day so we got to play a lot of game which is still fun. Nahlia couldn't make it the whole day at the beach so we'd do a half day, take a nap or get lunch and finish at the pool. Getting buried in the sand was very popular. Shaped like MermaidsNathan made an extra effort to bury Brennen. It took him at least 10 minutes to get out of it. Running was also very popular. To the water, away from the water, in the water. Falling asleep at the beach. Awesome sand castle that looks like the Oakland Temple.Just love the view from the condo and how cute my family is.Mermaid Nahlia. She is getting very good at swimming. Seems like every time we go to the pool she gets better.

Oceanside Favorites
*The Beach
*The View
*The Pool and Spa
*Walking the boardwalk
*The Pier
*Playing Spoons, Ping Pong, Pool and Golf
*The Harbor
*The Park
*The Sunsets
For next time: Ladder Golf, BBQ more, bonfire
We tried to go to the Price is Right but didn't get there early enough. Like 4 am early. Note: get group tickets, the only guaranteed seats.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hiram and Bridget's Wedding

Since the reception was going to be about 5 mins from the temple so the sealing wasn't until 3 which was awesome. They made a cardboard cut out of Brett since he's on a mission. He want to the store and took a picture of himself in the grooms men outfit. Coming out of the temple as Mr. and Mrs.
I told Nahlia that Bridget was the princess for the day and she gave Bridget a kiss.

Pre-Wedding Festivities

So we all filled James and Erin's condo in Orem for the weekend. Nahlia loves her Uncles. She also walked around the mall hand cuffed to Craig. There was a family party on the eve of the wedding that was really fun. We all did talents. I don't think her family knew who they would be partying with. One think I love about the Thompson pre wedding party is that you get to know the couple, together and as individuals, and the families really well. It was so wonderful and will be an awesome memory for them. Aren't they cute. Craig and LinzyKyle and his girlfriend Angela. She helped us with our dance moves.Saturday we had our Urrutia cousins come over for some lunch. Tyler and his girlfriend Bailey.

Jordi's Blessing

We are so greatful to the Belnaps for picking us up on their way to Utah. We were able to be a part of a great weekend. Nathan didn't get to go because of not enough vacation days and we missed him very much.
Jordi's blessing was wonderful. I love family blessings (oppose it during sacrement). It's intimate and you can feel the spirit and you don't have to worry about your two year old making noise, it works better for family scheduling, anyways I love it. The great grandparents. Girl cousins.All but one great grand baby.Nahlia did surpising well holding him even with him crying.

Jadie Jeret Urrutia

My very first beautiful niece!!! She was born on August 5th, 9 lbs 13 oz 22 in. She made her mommy work really hard to get her but she was worth it and mommy is recovering well. The happy family

It was Erin's mother's birthday so they celebrated with together.

Mimi and Uncle Kyle got to visit before their trip out to Utah.
Look at those cheeks. I can't wait to give them kisses.

We love you baby girl.