Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thoughts from Church

The Relief Society lesson was "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" by Elder Neil L Andersen from the recent conference. Quote "Have our children felt the power of the Savior's miracles? Do our children believe that "it is by faith that miracles are wrought", and do they pray for miracles in their own lives?". Comments continued with ways to remind children of miracles that have happened to them. A Sister said that we need to let Heavenly Father now that we remember the miracles He's blessed us with so that we might be worthy for more blessings. Another woman told of when they go to say prayers at night she reminds her child of when they had a blessing and they felt better, that it happened because Jesus loves them so much and when they pray they show Jesus that they love him.
Sometimes its hard to remember those times if they aren't written down so I'm doing that now and I was trying to remember a time when Nahlia was part of a miracle I can think of two. When we were in SLC, she was around one, she was sick and crying and crying, we couldn't figure out what was wrong or how to console her. As it got later into the night Nathan gave her a blessing and as soon as it was over she had stopped crying and slept perfectly through the night. That probably happens a lot but to fairly new parents tired and out of ideas it was a miracle. The second is the car accident, in that it could have been so much worse because of the speeds we were going we feel it was a miracle that Nathan was able to keep control of the car.
The talk also included quotes from Elder Daniel Forrest father one being, "Two men can do anything as long as one of them is the Lord"

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