Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nahlia Update

2 years and 3 months
Counts to 10 (with little help - she skips 4 all the time)
Identifies most (80 - 90%) of the alphabet
*says cba instead of abc *I note this because I have dyslexia and it runs in my family
Loves chocolate milk
Hates the heat
Doesn't like the brightness of walk outside after being inside
Big attitude
Gets instantly frustrated when she can't do something
Loves the pool
Still loves to dance and sing
Polite and Friendly (when not tired or hungry *like her dad*)
More cuddly than when she was a baby
Gives lots of kisses
Doesn't like babysitters
Eats in small portions
Plays Princess and has to have her crown (mommy is also a princess and daddy is the king)
Starting to pick out her outfits and how her hair is done
She's very particular about how you velcro her shoes, it has to be perfect
This was the last day she wore this sweater. Its just to hot. She carries her water bottle around when she's playing. If ever I can't see her I wait for the water bottle to come out of a side and then Nahlia comes out after. She would always take her shoes off at the park and she learned this day that your feet burn if you do.
Our friends moved recently and we went over to help them back up the truck. Nahlia fell of their swing set twice. First backwards, that wasn't so bad, and then the front. She was bleeding from her nose and it was in her mouth and her head swelled up right away. It looked worse than it was apparently because Nahlia started crying more about Bonnie taking the swings down. Lucky Mark is a doctor so he was able to look at it right away and Nahlia was fine once she got some feel better ice cream (that is what is around her mouth). We are going to miss Mark and Bonnie and the kids a lot. We wish them all the luck in Washington.Nahlia using YouTube. Once daddy puts up a video "Doggie pop balloons" she likes to pick the next ones. What happens when she finds her bows

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erin said...

you can tell she is turning into a little girl and leaving the baby stage. a few months ago i remember james was telling me how he hopes our baby doesnt get the dyslexia gene! why didnt i do my research before marrying james? hahaha