Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2009 TR

The Nelson reunion reminded me that I hadn't put anything up about the Tait Reunion from last year so this its it. It was Cali while we were living in TX so we were lucky to be able to go. These are Nahlia's cousin entertaining her in the pool. She is sitting on a boogie board supported by Austin and Hunter and Cole on either side would swim underneath her and switch sides. Nahlia would laugh historically when they popped out of the water on a different side. All her cousins are so good to her I'm lucky to have them around. She saw that I had a sucker and made hunter bring her over.
She is able to produce tears at the drop of a hat, back then it was a fairly new thing so I took a picture of this one. Obviously I gave her the suckerOne of this things is not like the others. G Baby as Carnac. He tried to retire last time but we wouldn't let him. He's so funny. GG in the background as his assistant.Jenna and I in front.
Jeanna, Jessie, and Jamie in back.My mom, Jeran, with sisters Jeanna, Jody, and Jamie.
Oh, we are dressed up because we had to design a reunion shirt and they were my mom's idea and I made them. The picture is of my Grandma Julie, its a glamor shot, so we did an 80's rock star theme. On the back are tour locations that are where every one lived at he time. The 80's theme continued with ripped shirts and side pony tails. Nahlia inspiration was Madonna
After the reunion everyone met back up at the Thompsons for a pool day.
Cousin Love
Maddox the oldest great grand child on my side.

It always amazed me how she can just pull herself up out of the pool.
Yeeeaaah . . . no words

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