Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nelson Family Reunion and Father's Day

Our weekend in Utah was so much fun. We had a free day before the reunion so we planned on going to the water slide park in Draper Cowabunga. We've been dieing to go on some water slides in Las Vegas but they don't have a water slide park right now and Cowabunga looks like so much fun from the freeway. When we pulled up there were about 20 cars parked but all in the employee lot so we were the first ones there. It was amazing, a few other people did show up after us, like 5 people, so there was no waiting and the water was heated. We think because it was Thursday and the forecast said 65 it was too cooled for people but because the water was heated it was fine.

Some shots coming out of the slide. Nahlia loved the slides and wanted to do all of them by herself.

The beach and lazy river where so warm almost hot tub temp.

Nathan and Jason are in there somewhere. I think in the middle.

I loved the spring mountains in the background especially with the snow still on them.

The park is perfect for younger kids because the slides are fun but not that fast so they could go on all of them, the way its set up you can keep and I on them, and the grounds are fairly small so they can get lost. We took a long nap after and made it up to Johnny's baseball game.
Dillon modeling his Indiana Jones hat.

Johnny had a great game.

Brownie Lake. We love it up there.

When we first got up there Nahlia kept falling and she'd cry like every five minutes it was very annoying and did let any one touch her. But as soon as Johnny and Dillon showed up it was all rainbow and sunshine.

Nathan got his Fathers Day present a little early. It was binoculars.

Annual hobo diners

They are being bears I think

My little pyro nephew.

Tanya was very brave. She brought all three boys with out George.

Linzy's first dutch oven dessert. It was delicious.

Nahlia's first time four wheeling. She loved it. One time she was being cranky so Nate took her out on one and she came back asleep hanging over Nate's arm. She slept for 2 hours after. It was awesome.

Since it was Father's Day and we where in Utah I figured we should go over to Dave's house. He got out a little truck for Nahlia and yes she loved that too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2009 TR

The Nelson reunion reminded me that I hadn't put anything up about the Tait Reunion from last year so this its it. It was Cali while we were living in TX so we were lucky to be able to go. These are Nahlia's cousin entertaining her in the pool. She is sitting on a boogie board supported by Austin and Hunter and Cole on either side would swim underneath her and switch sides. Nahlia would laugh historically when they popped out of the water on a different side. All her cousins are so good to her I'm lucky to have them around. She saw that I had a sucker and made hunter bring her over.
She is able to produce tears at the drop of a hat, back then it was a fairly new thing so I took a picture of this one. Obviously I gave her the suckerOne of this things is not like the others. G Baby as Carnac. He tried to retire last time but we wouldn't let him. He's so funny. GG in the background as his assistant.Jenna and I in front.
Jeanna, Jessie, and Jamie in back.My mom, Jeran, with sisters Jeanna, Jody, and Jamie.
Oh, we are dressed up because we had to design a reunion shirt and they were my mom's idea and I made them. The picture is of my Grandma Julie, its a glamor shot, so we did an 80's rock star theme. On the back are tour locations that are where every one lived at he time. The 80's theme continued with ripped shirts and side pony tails. Nahlia inspiration was Madonna
After the reunion everyone met back up at the Thompsons for a pool day.
Cousin Love
Maddox the oldest great grand child on my side.

It always amazed me how she can just pull herself up out of the pool.
Yeeeaaah . . . no words

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Miss Autie

Auntie Laura sent Nahlia a package in the mail. Pink Cowboy Boots!!!! so cute. We had to pick it up in the office and Nahlia came out with a big pink balloon and a piece of candy in each pocket.
That kiss was for auntie.I can't believe she's only been gone for a few months and though time is going by so quickly it still feels like forever before she gets back. She is doing very well and enjoying every moment.
Nahlia asks about her and I'm sure misses her very much.