Saturday, May 8, 2010

Families are Forever - Linzy and Craig

All and all it was a wonderful wedding. When it was all over my mom and I couldn't believe how flawless everything went, shocked really. I can't say everything was perfect you'd have to ask Linzy but from my view point it went sooooo well. I think it was because I prayed every night that it would go ok and that I won't forget or screw anything up. All of the pics are from my Auntie Jody's facebook page and Jenna Cooper's (the photographer) blog, she did such a great job. Linzy looked beautiful and Craig was so happy. The only time they weren't smiling was when they were kissing or had their foreheads together. We did have a bit of a rain scare but nothing came of it and there was no traffic or lost drivers.

This picture is when they first came out of the temple as husband and wife.

This is our family picture and tells a lot about how things work in our house. Nahlia wouldn't stand up for the picture so we knelt down. Hahaha
I made her dress and was so happy with it. The whole time I was making it I was terrified I'll spent all this time and money and would end up hating it but she looked so cute in it. A classic Nahlia moment was when everyone saw her for the first time in it and they were all (aunts, cousins, GG) taking pictures and saying how pretty she looked and Nahlia starts to spin and everyone goes Awwww!!! in unison. I was laughing so hard. Nahlia LOVED it. I had a feeling the dress wouldn't make it through the day, Nahlia is very active. It didn't even make it through being at the temple. The ribbon at the bottom was coming off and when she was walking up the stairs she stepped on it and put a huge hole in the tulle. It didn't even make it back to Vegas because it was unrepairable. Kyle and Julie AnneThe Girls
Erin, Julie, Me, my Mom, Jeanna, Jody, Jamie
G Baby and GG

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