Saturday, May 8, 2010


Nahlia started gymnastics!!! She loves it. The first day I was exhausted from chasing her around and having to help her be patient. They get to do a lot of things, bars, beams, tramps, the foam pit, and tumbling. Her favorite is the tramp, we sing the ABC's while they all jump. She also does very well jumping over things on the low beam. She actually does every pretty well, its the focus and slowing down enough to do them.
She also went to her first non family birthday party, it was Nathan's trainer's daughter and was at Build A Bear. I didn't get to go but She brought how a bunny that is completely Nahlia. Nathan said the helper tried to get her to pick a different one but she had to have that one. Its has pink, yellow, green, and blue flowers all over it.

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erin said...

gymnastics--how fun! love her pigtails