Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Ok so a lots happened in the last month (going to Cali, Easter, and Craig's wedding) and I'll get to it all eventually. I don't have any pictures so I'm waiting until I get some. Before we left though we played a little. We went to the lake again and to the valley of fire with Mark and Bonnie and their kids. We did all the normal stuff at the lake, picnic swimming, finding the fish, walking the pier. I was very clear, sunny and windy. This picture was me trying to be more creative with my angels but Nahlia wasn't happy with the sun in her eyes "Sun in the eyes, Sun in the eyes"

Cute on of Nathan and Nahlia

Nahlia getting mad that the wind was blowing her hair so much. Its long enough now that I have to do something with it or it starts to bug her.

Valley of Fire is another cool place for hiking for all levels. Its really great because there is so much to look at and explore for the kids (and dads).Nathan calls Mark SharkO so when he'd say it I think Nahlia thought it was really a shark so at first she was a little surprised that it was just a person but then she was stocking Mark or SharkO the entire time. As soon as he'd but Josie down she wanted him to hold her, SharkO was the only person to help her, "Come on SharkO, SharkO come on". It was very funny.Nahlia looks sad here but she really liked it and didn't want to get out.Another hole to look out of.Mark trying to show me how to take cool pictures with the red rock but Nahlia didn't want to participate. He took about 5 and she didn't look normal in any of them. In other update news my cousin Hiram is engaged and getting married in August so we look forward to that. Nathan Birthday is on Monday so I'm trying to think of what to get him. He really wants a big flat screen tv but since we don't have cable and a perfectly good tv I don't think its the right time. We are also anticipating a Nelson family reunion in mid June. We haven't seen Nate's family in a couple months now so we're really excited for the trip.

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erin said...

funnnnnnn! i really do like the first picture even if nahlia is being funny.