Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan

28 Years Old. Wow.
Some people would be worried about getting gray hairs but not my sweetie he's had them since high school. Even though there may be more I like gray hair. If you ever ask Nathan what he wants for a present any present - Christmas, birthday, anniversary, fathers day - he'll always say nothing. This time I knew what he wanted but he wasn't going to get it, a big flat screen tv. Its not that I don't want him to have one its just not right for us right now. One day baby you'll get it. So we usually got out to eat. He loves food. He got to choose any buffet he wanted friday night and bought a shirt from TJMaxx that he wore everyday for about a week. Then on monday we had cake and went to Iron Man II. (I love Iron Man).
Just as a note Nahlia didn't get her own cake to blow out one had a 2 and the other had an 8 because Nathan said he didn't like layered cake. We taught Nahlia the Happy Birthday song and she probably sang it 28 times just while eating cake. I was very cute. Nahlia had blown herself off her chair. Daddy was there to catch her.

We love you daddy and hope you have lots and lots more birthdays.

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erin said...

happy birthday nate!

and nahlia blew herself off her chair hahaha that made me laugh!

p.s. carly, nahlia is looking very cute with her hair done and clothes on :)