Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing too exciting just Life Stuff

We didn't do anything exciting this past week. Nahlia has been potty training and is doing really well. I got the "Potty Power" DVD from the library and looked up some videos online that she watched. It kind of felt like brain washing but it helped. She has a potty chart that she gets to put stickers on, it's organized by days but she puts them where ever she wants. We decorated the corner of the bathroom that her potty chair is in with pictures from a old Disney Princess calender my mom gave her. She loves wearing her panties that have Tinkerbell, Ariel, and Aurora on them. We now have a lot more things to laugh about because of potty training, like I ask her if she needs to go poo poo and turns around, sticks her butt at me and ask me if I can see the poo poo coming and if I say yes she says I want to see and starts spinning in circle trying to see the poo poo coming.

She has also been watching Toy Story constantly. There's a part when Buzz realizes he's a toy and tries to fly out the window, Nahlia says Buzz is sad and starts to cry and tells him "No fly" because after he is all depressed and she doesn't want him to be sad. She even has tears when she watching. She's a sensitive soul.

At church last Sunday Nahlia could not sit still so I took her out. We were down the hall when she realized the door to the gym overflow was open so she took off running. From down the hall to the back of the gym all the up to the seats on the stand, when she finds the one she wants she announces it to the room yelling, "I want to sit in this one Mommy". Oh and it was fast Sunday right in the middle of someones testimony. It was awsome.

I got a job at TJMaxx and started last week. I really like it so far, when I'm done training I get to be in the back doing bookkeeping stuff. Nathan is working away and doing well. It really is stressful in part because of the consequence if you mess up. He has a skills check coming up that most people don't pass so he's feeling the pressure right now.

We went back to Lake Mead on Nates day off. We went prepared with Nahlia's swimsuite and sand toys this time, and more popcorn for the fish.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nahlia Turned 2!!!

We celebrated Nahlia's birthday a few day earlier this year because Daddy had to work and since it was just us that was easy to do. When we started the festivities she had no idea what was happening. We kept telling her that it was her birthday but the connection with presents and cake still didn't happen. That's one funny thing about being a parent, teaching them what holidays are and birthdays, shaping their world and everything. She did enjoy the birthday song, "Happy . . . Berfday . . . me" while eating her cake. She got sand toys, two pair clip on earrings, and a scooter. It took her a while to get the hang of the scooter and fell on her bum pretty hard a few times but we actually have to walk fast to stay up with her now so that's fun. We are so grateful for her being healthy, smart, strong, beautiful, and hilarious.