Saturday, February 20, 2010

Painting "Cool"

So I'm trying to cheaply decorate the house and so I've started with painting my own pictures for the dining room. Well Nahlia was very determined to do some painting of her own so we let her. She loved every second too. One of the great things about children is that they bring a renewed excitement to things that you have just become accustom too, like painting. Every time she would paint something she'd say "Cool" or cheer for her self, it so fun to be apart of. Daddy also adds to the fun when he does his impression of those TV painting shows.
Look at these clowns. Our master piecesNahlia's first ever painting. I really like it to. And her second ever painting that I love almost as much as the first one.

1 comment:

erin said...

dude your paintings look awesome!!!! maybe if i actually spent more than 5min on mine, mine could look half as cool as yours.