Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nahlia's Clip On Earings

I love that Nahlia is starting to get into the girly princess stage right now. She's always loved jewelry and gets into mine all the time. I don't wear very much of it right now though but when I do its usually earrings and Nahlia always wants to wear them and if they are hoops or have a hook backs I'll put them on her. I also have this thing about waiting for her to understand what getting your ears pierces means before we let her. I don't think its up to the parents to get them done when they are babies. Something about its not their body to make that decision for. Anyways so when we where at the Las Vegas outlets I thought I'd keep an eye our for some play clip ons or the sticker kind with no luck. Then when I saw Clair's it dawned on me, they'd have some. I had only been looking for little dress up kind. I picked out the longest danglies with pink sparkles I could find. Nahlia put them on and kept shaking her head so she could feel them and would stop and stared at people until they commented on her new earrings. I also picked out sparkly red lady bugs and white butterflies for her birthday. I'll post a pic of them as soon as I get a camera.


erin said...

my sister felt the same way as you about getting her daughter's ears pierced. at not even 2.5 years old yet, adelyn sooo badly wanted them pierced, we even told her it would hurt, but she didnt care. she LOVES her earrings. nahlia will be begging before you know it. :)

Erin said...

Hey babe! So I totally forgot your blog was private, so I've been thinking you haven't updated in months. I was wrong! I miss you, glad to hear that you are liking Vegas so far!