Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meeting Uncle Kyle and Laura's Temple Trip

These weekend was so fun and was none stop. We arrived Friday night at the airport and slept at GG and GBaby's which is always fun. I love that Nahlia loves her great grandparents and they love the entertainment when she's around. The next morning was the whole family (except Nate) meeting at the temple for Laura's first session. It was
wonderful having everyone there and that I got to see Kyle for the first time back inside. When we came out and I introduced Nahlia to her Uncle Kyle she ran to him with a big smile and said to Craig pointing "This is Kyle" is was so cute. I made my heart smile. She's been able to recognize him in pictures and say is name for a while but you just never know how she's going to act. He is so cute with her because he doesn't know how crazy and dangerous she is (everyone else is use to it) so he's a little overprotective. There hasn't been a baby around since Brennen so its been a while. After we went to this little ice cream place called Fentons, soo good. Nahlia was being passed back and forth over the table and loving it. Erin and I
I was so excited because Erin let me go window shopping with her and event though don't know the sex yet it was still fun. Not very many people can walk around a store with me going that's cute, that's cute, oh that is soooo cute. Thanks ErinSunday was Kyle's homecoming talk and Laura, Craig, and Kyle sang and Brennen gave a talk. Everyone did so well. Nahlia had me getting up and down constantly because she was so hyper from everyone being there especially her cousins. She played with them all day it was so cute and great for her since she doesn't have a lot of kids around her normally. I was so proud because she got her first two big kid scratches on her knee and finger from trying to keep up with her older cousins. The knee one was bleeding and she was crying so we cleaned it and I cuddle her for a little while put a band aide on it and she was off again. Good mom moment.
Morgan and Nahlia
My mom says she hear Morgan say they were on a hunt. Nahlia was just following her around.Monday we all got up and went for a picnic at the beach. Nahlia having a tantrum because we wouldn't let her have the medal detector. Nahlia must have known Laura was leaving soon because she was all over her. Way more than usual, it was Auntie for everything, which I really don't mind.

The only bad thing that happened this weekend was that I lost my dad's camera at the temple. I looked everywhere for it and I can't remember what I did with it. Thankfully he is understanding and still let me take home their extra one since mine fell and broke and left my disposable at the park. This has not been my month, between the lost and broken camera's and buying a plane ticket to the wrong city and the worst 4:30 in the morning stand by airport day ever I can't wait until its over. Hopefully nothing goes ridiculously wrong for Nahlia's birthday.

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