Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lake Mead

We made it back from Cali for Nathan's first day off of work and he has been wanting to go to Lake Mead so we packed a little picnic for a day trip. Its only about 15 minutes from our house so that is nice (Nahlia still doesn't do well on car rides no matter how short they are). The weather was great, 70's in Feb, but we weren't expecting it to be that nice at the lake so we dress warm and left the swim suites at home. We where wrong though it was so nice we could came back with a nice tan. Nahlia still played in the water along the shore, it was to warm to say no and the water wasn't that cold and I brought extra clothes just in case.

We had heard that you can feed the fish off the dock and that the fish were huge. Well that didn't even prepare us enough. The fish and the ducks swarm you its crazy and the fish are bigger than huge, they are ginormous with creepy mouths. Oh and they like popcorn. The water is nice an clear so you can see them really well and they just pill onto each other. There was one that was probably taller than Nahlia and weighed twice as much.
We had a lot of fun and will go again soon. The day pass actually last for 5 days so that makes it a cheap fun activity for us.

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erin said...

how cuuute! i seriously love those kid of activities. and im not sure what you are tlaking about nahlia not doing well on car rides, i think she does pretty awesome actually.