Friday, January 29, 2010

OKC to SR to LAS Stand By

I can't believe January is over already. Bye 2009, what a crazy year that was, hello 2010! Honestly I'm really excited about 2010 and it just might be my favorite year in a while. There are a lot of things happening, lots of wonderful and exciting things, so exciting I can't even talk about them yet. Really I was expecting things to settle down when we got to Las Vegas but no, they won't until close to August. We are in LAS VEGAS BABY and I really like it. Don't have any friends yet but we really like. Nathan did a great job picking out the apt all on his own. We are in a great location. Is it weird that I was impressed at how many trees they have? I really didn't know anything about this place. The weather is just wonderful. The truth is its rained about 75% of the time we've been here but hey that beats freezing bitter cold ND, mountains of snow with no heater SLC, blazing hot'n sweaty Houston, and icy OKC. Just wait until I post in July and complain about how hot it is here, haha, sign California Dreaming. But really, we've loved and lost everywhere we've lived but we've always found really great people around us, just lucky I guess. Anyways.
Nahlia and Santa. Notice the distance and the candy cane bribe? I'm the only one that looks like they want to be there. Santa is actually a man that lives there to. We'd see him a dinner all the time and he tried to be friends with Nahlia but it didn't really work out that great.
My Christmas miracle, wonderful coincidence this year was that the apt complex we stayed in was a sponsor of the OKC Ballet Company and was given vouchers for two free tickets to the Nutcracker. Yaaayyyerrrr. Nathan with no hesitation came with me. Hallelujah. I haven't been to a ballet in forever, all ESPN all the time, and because we were doing a very scaled back Christmas this was just a lovely treat. Another holiday favorite looking at lights. I have to say OKC does Christmas lights very well. This is a fairly large city park that had so many lights that I wont even try to explain. It is mostly a drive through thing but they have a little path you can walk that was cool. We didn't make it very far. C old d d d d. I didn't get very good pictures. This is the entrance that had huge Nutcrackers on both sides.
Yeah I'm a dork. I made Nahlia take this picture. I don't how many times do you see Rudolph.
Christmas morning was hilarious, well Christmas eve was pretty funny too. Nathan was suppose to be putting Nahlia to bed but instead he kept telling her Santa Clause was in the living room and she'd say "I see, I see". And then she thought that Santa was going to "ge'me" and got a little scared. And even now she thinks Santa is going to get her. So in the morning I'm thinking she's going to run to the presents and laugh and just go nuts but really she had no idea what was going on. She comes out of the room with Nate and totally misses the presents under the tree. Absolutely oblivious. So we point and tell her to look under the tree that is on the other side of the room at this point and you can see in her face that she's not sure what to do but that she wanted to go check it out. So she takes Nate by the had and timidly walks over. Then with a little encouragement she riped some presents open. This year's "big" present was the little foam Dora couch. Her cousins have them and she loves it and I had been waiting forever to get her one. So it was exciting even for me. The other "big" present was Elmo. We don't watch him that often but she loves playing with him in the store. My only request to Papa was that it didn't make noise, that is was just soft and cuddly.
Papa, Mimi and Uncle B sent her some toys too.
This is our very little but very cute tree. It was cuter in really life. I decided it would live in my kitchen during the holidays from now on.
After our morning festivities we headed to the Belnap's house to spend the rest of the weekend with them. They spoiled us with food, movies, and pedicures. We always love going to there house especially since we don't get to see them very often. Nahlia loves her cousins so much. Thanks Belnaps. We spent New Years at our apartment all cuddle in bed and watched the fireworks on tv. Then, Nahlia and I, packed our packs and headed to Cali. We ended up being able to go to Brett's farewell, which was very nice. He is headed to the Kentucky Louisville Mission. There we found out that Jenna was expecting!!! Congrats cousin we are so excited for you and Giff and Maddox.
Nahlia and Laura having breakfast together. Laura lend into Nahlia and Nahlia decided she'd do the same. (Had to be there kind of funny)We also got to be there when Laura received her mission call. Lets just say I'm surprised she didn't get a restraining order against her from the mail man.She is going to the Texas Dallas mission. AAAAA. She reports to the MTC on March 24th. We are so proud of her.These are just some random cute pics of Nahlia eating noodles. Just wanted to show you what I live with. I think she was laughing at BrennenSo Nahlia and I decided to get out of the house for a little bit one afternoon and go the a bounce house. These are some action shots.I'm really impressed with her climbing skills. She LOVES climbingWe also play air hockey, and by we I me Nahlia, she didn't let me play but I still won because she just kept putting the puck in her own goal over and over. In this picture Nahlia looks like her dad so so so much I had to do a comparison picture.
And this one just cause its cute.
More action shots
GG and GBaby came up for Brennen's basketball game and took us out for lunch Mary's Pizza Shack, their favorite. GBaby picked out artichoke and sausage pizza, it was really good.
That was the night my camera died. It fell out of the diaper bag from the top bleacher to the floor. It wont turn one anymore. Sad, but I didn't really like that camera anyway but its not like I can just go get another one right now. So I'm using a disposable one right that we had already right now. Anyways, GG and GBaby drove us back to the airport that night and Nahlia really warmed up to them. She calls GG G and GBaby Baby. Before our flight the next day we went to the park by their house that I actually grew up on and Nahlia was "Baby come come" and "I was Baby" and "G hi come". She hasn't ever been that interactive with them so it was really great.