Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trick or Treat

This Halloween we went to Grandma Lorna's house. Nahlia dressed up as a garden fairy from Tinkerbell the movie. Johny and Dillon were a swamp monster and a mummy. Nahlia just adores them but when they put their masks on she'd freak out. She could have stayed in this chair with them all night.

Nahlia wouldn't go anywhere with out holding Dillon's hand. She wanted to hold Johny's too but he would run away ahead of us to the next house. After the boys had to leave Jason was nice enough to take Nahlia to a few house but without them Nahlia lost all interest in trick or treating.
Nahlia's not in this one because she would stop crying.
Uncle Paul dressed up as a gorilla and pretended to trick or treat at the door but when Lorna brought the bowl out he grabbed it and ran. It was hilarious. Nate knew but chased him down the street for show. Lorna couldn't believe someone would do that but she figured it out.
The next morning we were off to Tahoe to bring Laura home. We met up with my parents, Craig, Linzy, and Brennen. Bye auntie Laura we'll miss you.
We went to Donner lake that evening before they left. It was beautiful. Nahlia loved throwing rocks in the water.

We had a wedding planning meeting while we were there. I love wedding planning.

Our last night in SLC. We're going to miss living my our cousins.
The drive to OKC was a little harder this time but we still made it.
Nahlia spooning in catchup.

We like it here so far. It will be a pretty mild winter this year. We go to the ward that meets next to the temple. There are a lot of other FAA trainees here and some with families. We play with one little girl a little older than Nahlia.