Sunday, December 20, 2009

OKC Experiences

This is a funny marriage story, well its more about how patient Nate is with me. So for Thanksgiving diner I was in charge of making the green bean casserole along with some other things. We where going to eat at Chelsea's and so everything was packed and we loaded up for the about 20 minute drive. They only live about 10 miles away but you have to get on the free for a little and there's a long stretch of lights so it takes a while. Anyway we get there and are hanging out and I start making the green bean casserole and I don't have the french fried onions and I forgot the cute little turkey napkin rings that I made and was super excited about. So after some deliberation Nathan says he'll go back to the apt and get. My hero, so sweet right. Well last night was the ward Christmas party and I said I would make jello, a centerpiece for the table and bring our stockings for wall decor and show up a little early. Well we drive up to the church and I forgot the jello. I'm loosing it. This time after a little convincing Nathan goes back to the apt to get the jello. He's so sweet.
Fun parent moment. Our meeting house is right next to the temple and one day we were pulling into the parking lot and Nahlia yells "Tempol, Tempol". It was so sweet. We've never tried to get her to say temple before so it was a wonderful little surprise.
A "game" Nathan and I play when we're driving around is calling out all the different gas prices we see. One day on the same road we saw $2.43 high and $2.23 low with about 3 other prices in between. I think its just crazy how different it is at every station. I know we lead a very exciting life.

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erin said...

aw i love when husbands do such sweet things. they make me feel extra special!