Friday, October 2, 2009

The wait is over... kind of

Wednesday the 30th of September Nathan received is class date. We've been waiting a little over a year for this, which may not sound long but was killing us long. November 12th he will start his training for his air traffic control job in Oklahoma city. This last year has been a year of patience building for our family and we are so glad its over. A lot of people have helped us over the last year and we are very grateful for all of the support. Congratulations to Nate, he worked really hard in school and since his graduation for his family so this is a big weight lifted for him. Shorting after training we'll be headed to Las Vegas.


Erin said...

CONGRATS!!! So glad to hear you finally have the job worked out. Viva Las Vegas! I'm glad you're back on the blog too, I can't believe how big Nahlia is, and she is so gorgeous! Miss you!

Jakenaddie said...

What! I had no idea Nate had gotten his class date! That is so awesome! We are in Oklahoma City right now, Jake started his classes today actually! We will still be here when you guys get here! HOw fun!